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Happy Ending Happy Ever After
Film (15 min)
Venice Biennale
Casanova Museum, Venice

In our current climate where routine has been entirely disrupted, a need for personal ritual has emerged. At the least, to mark time but more significantly, to lend a sense of meaning to an otherwise undefined period of existence.

Happy Ending, Happy Ever After addresses the existential nature of ritual. Molins filmed her wedding dress as she threw it into a Venetian Canal upon her divorce and then sent a divorced friend’s wedding dress into Space. The result is an ethereal vision of a dress dancing through space against the backdrop of the earth with a score by Michael Nymen.

Performed and recorded rituals in symbolic places, the city of romance and space, articulate complex emotions surrounding endings, change and the fantasies and expectations that run through relationships.

The film premiered as an immersive large screen performance during Venice Biannale at Palazzo Pesaro Papafava alongside a performance and re enactment of Henry James laying his friend, Constance Fenimore Woolson’s dresses to rest on the Lido after her suicide in 1894.