Pearl Grey Haze
Shop Front Exhibition on the Harrow Road, London

The images from Pearl grey haze draw attention to a certain kind of beauty and wide range of subtle colours found in the dank greyness of London. When I lived in the tropics I hankered after the wet greyness of London, a beauty soon to be swallowed up by the redevelopment of Paddington Basin and London as a whole. There is loss in these changes which the Harrow road has resisted so far.

This work was installed to brighten things up in a converted shop’s window on a run down block on the Harrow Road. The irony is that the subjects of the images are from that area - grey walls, pavements, roads, net curtains and pigeons. However when mixed with the weather- sunlight, shadows, snow and rain- they sparkle.

A concept that is in a grey area is a concept about which one is not sure in what category to place it.

Grey is seen as boredom, reality, seriousness, neutrality, dullness, mediocrity, undefinedness, pessimism and aging.

The color grey is often associated with aging or the passage of time.